Helping the Body Heal Itself




I had a very positive first experience with reflexology. Lorri was very personable, compassionate and skilled. I came away from the experience feeling much better. I am greatly looking forward to my next appointment!

Judy M K

I have fibromyalgia, and have been to Lorri 4 times. For the first time, I have experienced relief from pain without taking any drugs. Lorri is amazing! Her compassion and love of what she does shows in the treatments! I highly recommend her!

- Diane L

"I can't say enough about how much Lorri has helped me in so many ways!! I highly recommend everyone to try reflexology, you will make it a part of your life as I have. Lorri is a very gifted healer!!"

- Amy D

I have used Lorri and she has been a wonderful addition to my medical appointments. I truly believe in her and what she does.

- Scott S

"Lorri is SO gifted! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my reflexology appointments, and I'm noticing some great changes in my health, energy and overall well being. If you have not yet tried reflexology, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Lorri."

- Sandy W R

"My appt was great. I was very sore in many areas when I went in and Lorri found them all. Very relaxing session and I felt great when I was done. I originally went for my lymphodema and she helped that and more." January 2017

It is Sept. and I am still enjoying Lorri's reflexology very much. She has helped my lymphodema very much as I haven;t worn my sleeve since we began, and it is still maintaining. She is also helping the arthritis in my feet and other places.

- Elleen B

My appointment with Lorri was very relaxing, and educational. It felt marvelous I definitely recommend it!

Cindy O H

"Lorri made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I asked her to do the lymph drainage to help with swollen ankles and feet and I could feel the relief almost immediately."

- Debbi Joy R

"Lorri was so knowledgeable and professional! Made 2 referrals the very next day! I feel great and looking forward to next session. Thanks, Lorri!"

- Nettie D

"Lorri was amazing!! I cannot recommend reflexology or her practice enough. If you are interested in trying a new form of relaxation and also working on other health issues- reflexology might be for you!! She does such a great job and clearly loves her job ❤️."

- Alyssa O

"Lorri, I think you just changed my life. I had no idea how much I needed that 60 minutes. 

Lorri met me right where I was at and my feet "told her" exactly what I needed. Lorri is a gifted healer, and I am now a huge fan of reflexology! I believe it will be pivotal in my journey of managing my stress and anxiety. Lorri is an intuitive soul!"

- Susan S

"My 8-year-old had a lymph drainage session on a day she wasn't feeling well with Lorri and summed it up with: Relaxing, soothing, and awesome. Lorri was very good with working with my daughter and helped her feel comfortable before and during and after the session. 5 stars for working with kids!"

- Connie M

"FB won't let me enter another review, but had another excellent session with Lorri, yesterday (October 13, 2016) for myself. I love her intuition on doing what's needed. I had a great night of sleep afterward and have less pain in areas I'm having trouble with and I can feel my energy and lymph moving today. So grateful for her talents."

- Connie M

"It was Awesome. My husband and I both went in for lymph drainage. Lorri made us both feel comfortable and relaxed. She is very calming. We are both looking forward to our next visit. I recommended Lorri to my friend who finished Chemo because I feel it could be a great benefit to her. Thank you Lorri"

- Kimberly K 

"Lorri is great at making you feel comfortable, explaining what she is doing and answering questions. I went in with a tense/sore shoulder and neck and got immediate relief. I highly recommend Life in Balance."

- Zoma O 

"Thanks for the great healing session, I'll be back for sure!"

- Cory T 

Reviews and Testimonies

My heart is filled with Love and Gratitude for the beautiful souls who have given me more than they will ever know.  Thank  you, Lorri